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The club was originally registered as a society by the Kennel Club as Rochford & Chelmsford Canine Society in November 1944.


In the late 1950's the club was struggling somewhat and the late Jim Norfolk and his wife Olive were asked to join and help in reviving the clubs fortunes.


One of their first tasks was to change the name of the club to its present title. There followed several years of hard work by them, backed up by a very enthusiastic committee. The bank balance in the club accounts at the end of 1959 stood at £8-1s-0d, and the following year they were kept going with the help of a loan of £60 from Barclays Bank. This loan was repaid within two years and at the end of 1965 the bank balance had risen to £231-16s-6d


By now the society were running three successful shows each year, although the venues were having to be changed regularly as they were being out grown.


Over the years this is a society who has been fortunate to have long standing, hard working and happy officers and committee and this shows in the continuing success of the club right through to the present day. They now put on one Open Show and one Limited Show each year, plus a companion show run to benefit local charities. In addition they also run a popular social evening each year with two speakers, together with a buffet meal for those present. Back in 1968 they held occasional matches against other local societies which were very popular get togethers.


They now run monthly ringcraft training, followed by a club match and find these meetings are introducing new members to the world of dog showing.




We are very pleased that Mrs Doreen Bowen has agreed to become our new President.