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Critique Limited Show 2017


Many thanks to the society for the invitation and to the exhibitors for their entries.

AV Minor Puppy

1st; Hughes, Aymsbury Ariadne (Golden Ret) 9 month old female. Presents a balanced outline, well boned and good substance. Well chiselled head with a feminine expression, equal length of skull to stop to muzzle. Eye shape and colour correct. Fairly good length of neck in well laid shoulders, would benefit of a longer upper arm and length of leg to complete the picture. Topline level although a little soft but should firm with age. Correct tailset and croup. Correct cat like feet, pasterns ok. On the move is were she excels using herself so well with drive from behind pushing herself forward. Moves true back and forth with her elbows lying close to her brisket. Pleased to award her BPIS.

Av Puppy

1st; Benton & Smith's, Brooklynson El Dorado (Rough Collie) 10 Month old Male who impressed me on the stack. Very well balanced. Super expression head is clean and blunt. Ears are neat sat just above the skull. Eyes of correct size and colour. Well arched neck flowing into correct lay of shoulder. Topline firm with a slight rise over the loin. Balanced angles fore and aft. Sound flowing movement on side gait carrying his tail correct. Moves true going away but would prefer better coming towards. RBPIS

AV Junior

1st; Chambers, Gallerio Lets Get It On (Lhasa Apso) just over 12 month old male who surprised me as the day went on. Handler tends to understack him but when he moves he shows exactly how its done! Sturdy male with correct coat. Skull is slightly more broad than i would like but he has a masculine expression dark eye of medium size. Correct medium stop. Good ratio from occiput to stop to nose. Strong muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Level topline and correct tailset. Well muscled rear with parallel hocks. Balanced angles fore and aft. Scores well on movement, using himself from behind to push himself around, very free and effortlessly. Movement is true coming and going. Pleased to award him BIS

AV Yearling

1st; Mehrtens, Serci Little Blue Boy Ali (Cocker Spaniel) just over a year old male who despite his handler won this class on his overall balance. Although longer in body than i would like he has balanced angulation either side. Well developed head with decent chiselling if anything a little wet around the eye and cheek area. Strong square muzzle with dark eyes. Ears set low, Moderate length of neck flowing into a decent layback of shoulder. Well off for bone and substance. Brisket is deep with well sprung ribs, level topline with correct tailset. Cat like feet. Moves well if a little lethargic. Elbows could be tighter when coming towards.

AV Novice

1st; Davies, Roughshoot Juniper (Hun Vizsla) 15 month female who was second in the junior class. Presents a beautiful clean shape on the stack. Skull slightly broad with correct ratio. strong jaw although would prefer a drier lip. correct eye & shape. Long neck flowing into excellent shoulders. Short in body with a level topline, correct tailset with strong hindquarters. Covers the ground well on side gait but would prefer a more positive rear going away.

AV Graduate

1st; Hylton, Stokeshart Octopussy at Byleeton (Beagle) 2 Year old female. Compact and well built. Decent length of head but i would prefer a little drier overall. Moderate width of skull with a definite stop, Dark eyes with correct ears. Strong jaw, good length of neck with a slight arch, Shoulder a little more upright which results in her topline being slightly roached. Strong pasterns with tight feet. Topline firm, brisket down to elbow laying close to the chest. Moves true coming and going using herself well from behind.

AV Post Graduate

1st; Jones, Braemoray Loch Ranza at Clanwillow (Bearded Collie) 2 1/2 year old male, Another that presented a balanced shape with good ratio height to length. Head is masculine with skull Flat & broad, correct eyes with strong jaw. Moderate arched neck into good shoulders, to be extra critical i would prefer a slightly better layback. Topline strong and level running smoothly over into his tailset. Good width of second thigh with parallel hocks. Ex coat. Feet oval and arched. Carries his tail well but sometimes can carry a little higher than i would like. Moves true coming and going covering the ground on the way around. I would like to see a bit more go in him but none the less pleased to award RBIS.

AV Limit

1st; Clover, Cotonalba Creach (Coton De Tulear) 4 1/2 year old male, Another who surprised me but it was not not until he moved than he caught my attention. Super coat and condition. Head of medium size, with a slight stop. Beautiful expressive round dark eyes. Moderate length of neck, with well laid back shoulders, correct depth of brisket and topline with a slight rise over the loin. Moderately angulated, Tail correctly feathered and carried when moving. Movement very fluent and free. He moves true coming and going. After i finished this class i had him in my head for further honours but in the line up, he just lacked attitude that he had in the class. A super male!

AV Open

1st; John, Keigame Jigsaw (GSP) 5 year old Male, who is clean and balanced in shape. Clean dry head, skull slightly broad, correct eyes and shape. Muzzle length could be longer. Dry long neck into well laid shoulders with correct upperarm. Chest below elbows. Short compact body, topline firm. correct tailset and wide croup. Moves true coming and going but would prefer more drive from behind.

AV Veteran

1st; Evans, Edgeley Edward The Great ( Golden Ret) 9 Year old male. Super condition for his age well muscled. Balanced in shape. Skull broad with a masculine expression. Dark eyes, fair length of neck which is muscular into a decent shoulder, strong topline with correct tailset and croup. Strong muscular hindquarters. Moves true coming and going with drive on profile. BVIS

AV Vintage

1st; Aylott, Barwall Belle (Pem Corgi) 11 year old female again of superb condition. Balanced proportions in shape, strong sturdy and very much active. Head foxy with moderate width of skull, eyes round and dark. I would prefer her ears slightly smaller but correctly pricked. Neck length fair in super laid shoulders with a level topline. Well angulated fore and aft and moves true coming and going. In profile she was very free going around. RBVIS.


Judge: Josh Henderson