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First of all I would like to Thank the Society and the committee for inviting me to judge today, I did so enjoy myself with a lovely entry of some very nice dogs.


Minor puppy.

1st.Fulchers Classicus Armani at Khandibah. Saluki. A super well made red grizzle boy of just 7 mths with so much to offer, long narrow head with enough width between his ears that were well set with length to mouth and enough hair on top. Lay back of shoulders sloped onto a nice level topline with just enough rise over loin, gd cut up, wide set rear and well developed 1st and 2 nd thigh. Tail low set toes arching and feathered, moved with grace and no apparent effort. Pleased to award bpis.

2nd Culyer Dawson. Soufriere we will rock you Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) A well grown boy of 7 mths bold in head and expression, gd length to ears, straight front set in well layer back shoulders, liked his topline and stance, good driving rear and super tail tofinnishthe job!

3rd. Stephen Beau Hot Gossip Dachshund min sm.



1st TyeBraidmont come to me. Irish Setter. 11 mths dog commanding attention standing and on the move, super hd and eye with plenty of brain room and of equal levels. Body balanced excellent coat and condition, deep in chest with plenty of bone, moved with drive on well angulated limbs. Rbpis.

2 nd,Lacey Albionspitz Rigec. Eurasier dog of 9 mths gd shape and size proportions drk eye wedge shaped head with furrow, flat in scull, attracting attention on the move, motivated.

3 rd Field Boardwalk tick or treat Border Collie.



1 st Benton and Bemelmans. Oakestelle Asteria. Sm Collie An honest young bitch of correct proportions, gd coat, intelligent and alert without coarseness, head with level planes with a smooth flat scull, clean cut jaw, gd eye colour and shape, nice arch to neck well set onto shoulders, toplinewell muscled onto loin, free movement slightly tracking nice type.

2 nd Stephen Beau Dtars and Stripes. Dachshund min smooth.

Liked the  this young red brindle boy, super head,eye,ears and mouth, plenty of forchest and keel, level in topline with a well muscled rump full and round, gd set of thighs to uppers with daylight allowance, moved well with an easy stride,this one is not a couch potato!

3 rd Beasley Wansleydale Amaretto. English Setter.



1 st.Crisps Challowdown loopy loo with Genevieve. Cocker.sp.

An honest blue roan girl, pretty soft expression, dark eye, liked her head and ear set, not over done or needing work, gd ribs below layback sloping into topline without interruption, ending with a gd sized rump, stood and moved on gd bones and nicely set legs moving with purpose.

2 nd Hughes Aymsbury Albertino. Golden ret. cream boy of 20 mths, lovely expression drk eye and nose, balanced and chiselled in skull, wide in muzzle, straight forelegs, shoulders well layer back, long in blade, legs gd and well under, balanced in outline on the move.

3 rd.Wells Pearlsbarn Peroni. Golden ret.



1 st.Fields Boardwalk The spy who loved me. Border Collie. Nice young bitch of gd proportions, smooth in outline with a keen expression, carried herself well on gd legs well developed body, elbows close, movement smooth and effortless.

2 nd.Whitings Sumaiya Dee jai. Dalmatian. Nice he free from wrinkles, clean lips, strong jaw, gd width in loin, broad croup straight movement fore and aft.



1 st Fields Boardwalk the s w l m.

Post graduate. 1 st Hylon Stokesheart Octopussy at Byleeton. Beagle.

So much to like in this bitch, got outline, textbook head and body, no coarseness anywhere or excess in tuckup, female qualities, topline kept straight on the moved without roll with a free stride out and back.

2 nd.driver Courtmaster Songbird at Beckaby. Cocker sp.Nice type great coat, would have liked a softer eye and expression, well off for bone, moved with drive and purpose.

3 rd.Choppin Spano Echo of Brooklyn. Pomeranian.



1 st Anderson Proveits Pretty Woman. Fox Terrier ( wire haired ) And pretty she is! What a cracking bitch short and square and ready to hunt! Head of equal proportions, alert, keen expression, drk eye, neat folds on ears flat and close to cheeks, head and forefaceof equal lengths, full below eyes, clean neck of gd length. Lovely straight front and legs, gd shoulder lay and topline, tailset correct and erect, movement straight and parallel with gd drive from the hind quarters, so pleased to award B.I.S.

2 nd.Edwards Kacela sweet Mia I in jadenco. G.S.P. A sound bitch of gd proportions, well chiselled hd and femine  expression, liked her size and type, very workmanlike, moved well and stood well when stacked.

3 rd, Hylton Stokesheart octopussy at byleeton



1 st.Dickenson Kalslane demyan ( kick) Sh CM. a Russian Blk Terrier. What a great dog! Large with gd bone, square when stacked, nice tight eye on broad skull, high set ears of gd size. Neck long and strong in muscle, gd depth of chest, nicely arched feet with thick pads, ground covering movement with gd drive excellent coat. R.B.I.S.

2 nd Clover. Cotton Alba Creach. Colton de tulear. He has gd head proportions convey skull with dark rims to eyes of correct shape, nice arch in neck with little tuckup and correct rise in loin, gd muscle and gd free movement.


Veteran 7-9 years.

1 st Aylott Brisam Subaru. Welsh Corgi ( Pembroke) Looking good at 8 yrs, workmanlike in every way, well muscled all through foxy head, wide with pricked ears in correct position ,gd eye shape and colour. Straight in legs, ample bone close in elbow, shoulders with gd lay, topline level, broad chest, well arched toes free and active movement. B.V.I.S.

2 nd. Whittington Juldeane Excalibur Sc CM.. English Setter.

An elegant boy of 7 yrs lovely head carriage, enough brain room, deep muzzle and square, gd eye and colour, good short level back, well ribbed free and graceful movement.


Veteran Vintage.

1 st. Aylott Barwal Belle. Welsh Corgi ( Pembroke) Alone but not unworthy of this place, great at 12/1/2 years moved like a youngster gd bone in good coat and condition. Still has her good looks and sassy. B.V.V.I.S


Judge. Mrs Jackie Hornby